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Entry for February 13, 2007

Obsequium funeris ~ Decus


At a funeral it is completely possible to look both pathetic and noble at the same time. In fact, it serves as an unexceptional rule.


In a field full of crosses, the rain soaking and the wind whipping, the best clothes of all were muddy and dishevelled. In situations such as this self inflicted gender-programming sets the faces of the men to hard and the faces of the women to soft and tear stained.

Today’s gathering was typical to these policies of behaviour. They cared about their mortality in a way they could never allow during their normal explainable weekday mornings. In this case however, the mourners also cared about other things, interested parties; Reporters.

Outside the Cemetery gates these squinting creatures stand in wait with cameras and pads, with lists of names and targets. They braved the rain and the soggy discomfort, because being there meant a lot of things.

2007-02-13 16:21:44 GMT