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What is true justice? Some questions...

1) A man works hard; does he deserve things?

2) A man does wrong; does he deserve punishment?

3) A man sacrifices; does he deserve recognition?

4) Nature punishes those who live well and badly; does the universe know justice or did humans invent the concept?

1) This should be the easiest. If a man works hard, he deserves things/rewards. Yes? Why should he be rewarded more than others. Lots of people find their work easy and enjoyable, yet their work is valuable to all of us and helps society. Do they not deserve rewards? Some people are better at certain tasks than others, and some work hard at jobs they have no aptitude for and do not do their jobs well. So, it's not that easy. There are always people who are unable to work, due to sickness, injury, incapacity of mind or body. Do they not deserve good things?

2) If a man does wrong, he deserves punishment. Correct? Maybe not. How can you judge what is right and wrong? Sometimes you may think you can. If you say killing is wrong under all cicumstances, then if a man kills he can be punished. But if your country is invaded and a man joins the army to help defend his country, and kills someone, is that wrong? If the answer is no, then there are some instances when killing is correct. And, since all circumstances are infinitely different in some way, then there are an infinite number of situations in which it is ok to kill. Therefore if some killings are ok, they all are... Even if you say killing is never ok, what punishment can you give? Automatically you cannot kill, so what? Any other punishment, being less severe than the crime will make the crime less unimaginable. If you want to kill and the law says you will get life in prison. A person may well sacrifice another's life for that lesser punishment. Does this mean that no real wrongs exist, therefore no punishments exist either?

3) If a man sacrifices, for the good of others, does he deserve recognition?

This should be easier. Yes, such a man should be recognised.

Sacrifices can only be recognised and praised by others if the man does not bring this sacrifice to the attention of others, which means that many sacrifices go unnoticed. If a man gives his time to charitable works, he deserves recognition. If he tells people, so he can obtain this recognition, then he immediately loses the right to be recognised. He has not sacrificed; he has only bought recognition.

Statement: If nature/God punishes all, good and bad, then justice is a man made value and there is no such thing as justice in the entirety of the universe.


2008-07-12 18:00:31 GMT
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I'm not sure I agree
--TL James
2008-07-14 07:36:07 GMT