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Topic One: Courage.... July 7, 2008

Courage; what is it? Who needs it? Who wants it?

I've had a good long think about this one, and I'll begin by boiling it down to this:

To me, courage seems to be a matter of stupid pride and success. When something happens, or an opportunity presents itself, from which a normal everyday human being should run and be well advised to do so, Courage consists of doing the opposite of what is normal and accetable. Slay the dragon? Why? It's a dragon! It should and will eat me! You should run away, every one should.

Courage makes you take on the dragon, which is a stupid thing to do and success calls it courage because you end up a hero and not a dead idiot.

Courage is also smashing something at a party and owning up, in the hope that your courage and general adultness, will get you a shag.


2008-07-08 06:08:47 GMT