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Entry for June 27, 2008 - Socrates and the Russian Futball team

Insert chest tube. Continue straight to O.R. and have your hopes removed, plus appendix. Have you ever had a week where you decided to support something, or hope for something, even many things and they don't work out? None of them work out.

Well this is the week.

Russia played s*** last night when I hoped the minnows could pull off something, and Turkey were no better. I hate sports sometimes.

I begin to understand the people who switch their allegiances from successful team to successful team. Understand but not condone.

Socrates said that the real success lies in learning to organise your soul and not external things.

What do I think about love?

What do I think about courage?

Honesty? Virtue? Justice? Friendship? Work? Politics? Arts?


I don't really know yet

But, I'm going to start asking and organising now. Watch this blog closely for brain haemorrhage

2008-06-27 14:10:46 GMT