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China earthquake - Help

On a map of the world, China doesn't figure as much as it should. I've heard that the map we use is wrong and not to scale. Well,  I suppose if you look at Africa, that's fairly obvious.

What I know.  I know about Chinese food, about the Olympics, Tibet, Cool writing, year of the rat, karate, communism & Chairman Mao.


Whose fault is that? Yours. Either they kept us out, or we kept them out. But the Western World knows bugger all about China.

Here are some new facts for you:

1-China has one of the best health care systems i the world.

2- invention of the Seismograph - for measuring earthquakes.

3-Used Gunpowder for fireworks long before the Europeans got wind of it. As soon as we did? Kaboom!!!

Perhaps they were better off out of out sphere of influence.

Give them some help?

Punish them for Tibet?

Boycott the Olympics?

In the grand scheme, help is always worth giving.

2008-05-16 12:59:43 GMT