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Entry for January 7, 2008 - There There

There’s a ninety- percent possibility that it will rain on the weekend. Wise words, on a Tuesday.

There’s a ten- percent chance of precipitation in my haemorrhaging tomorrow. From my eyes, more than likely. The vibrations of the room are jittering with sorry mood.

I can tell you from the outside though. From the outside I can be impartial and impeachable. Someone else will loose his love and maybe his life. He’s sitting here now. On the phone shivering and shaking collapsed over it. Dripping with failure. The completely useless bastard! Let him sit there for a while feeling sorry for himself. He deserves to fall a little deeper and beyond help. He let her go, lost from his life’s sponge. From now on he would always be dry.

Enough of the bullshit for a minute and let’s get to the bones of the operation.

2008-01-07 19:07:44 GMT