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Entry for October 6, 2007

Picture:  Statuettes of S White and the 7 D's in a Monte Carlo rooftop garden. ÉC 2007


As of this moment I've written 36846 words of AGbU and I'm becoming very aware that the fulcrum of the novel draws near. The Middle, the sacred chapter; around which the entire book is based; the grain of sand... So I find that I've begun to slow down and dread the day when I have to begin. I want to be ready and to write the entire chapter all the way through in a weekend or even a day; so it will truly be the organic heart of the novel.


I've been watching the trouble in Myanmar (Burma to the Brits) and I'm shocked by the lack of progress the UN envoy made. BritPri GBrowne is saying but not doing. Perhaps the election coming up is restricting his movements. Maybe he doesn't want a good cause to turn bad due to international action ala Tony Blair and Iraq, so close to the voting stations?

2007-10-06 17:48:29 GMT